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John Griffiths 1963-69, Cove, 36 Eng Rgt,  Aden, 44 Fd Support Sqn Paderborn

Ted Blandford 1952-55 Colchester, Folkstone, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong.

Ken Easthope RE "Royal Mon"

Hank Lawrence  AAS 1958-60. Paderborn 1961-62, Malaya 1962-65, Willich 1965-69
Allan Grover JLR 1971-72. 2 Armd Eng Sqn 1974-77. 36 Engr Regt 1977-78
John Delaney (1974-1995)  40aesr Willich, 32sqn 11sqn, HQ Ripon, 43sqn Osn, 33indep fld
     sqn (N I), Op fresh Berlin, 8 Fld sqn Tid.
Clive Gibbs 24 Sqn 36 Regt 1957-60 Germany, Christmas Island.
Peter Piggott CRE Episkopi Cyprus 1955-57

Royston Athay 1951-52 Egypt fitter main base Wksp Fanara.
Richard Silsby 1973-81 POstal and courier communications. Mill Hill,Germany, Belize.
Geoff Smith 1958-67 45 Fd Sqn 1960-64 Op Crown 1965-66
Derek Bartlett 1959-61 5 Fd Sqn

Peter Bridle Dover 1962-64, 1965-87 following, 23 AES Hameln, 10 Sqn Aden and Sharjah,
30 Fd Sqn Hameln/Hohne,6 Fd Sp Sqn Tidworth, 44 Fd Sp Sqn Hameln, 325 Engr Park Antrim,
61 Fd Sp Sqn Maidstone. Also member of South Atlantic Medal Association 82.

Richard Doggett  4 Fd Sqn  48 Fd Sqn between 1973-197

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  1. I am given to understand an old Army family we lived next door to in Mozart Strasse, Bergen/Hohne in the late 1960's may be living in your Area. Their names are Sheila and Don Wilson, Don was a Cpl in either 2 Sqn or 26 Sqn of 32 Engineer Regiment. Our names are Maureen and Ian Smith of the Royal Artillery. If anyone knows them or their whereabouts, please contact Hank. I have removed your email Ian as it would be visible to all on the net


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